We accept donations in Dash and Bitcoin. You can donate if you are already a member and want to help more, or if you are not a member and prefer to contribute this way. The funds will be used in the same way that the fees from members. You can check our management and security policies for funds here.

In order to keep the tax exemption that the Dash Foundation enjoys, we can’t accept anonymous donations with a value higher than five thousand US dollars (5,000 USD). If you want to make a donation bigger than that, you can either split it in smaller individual donations or send us an email to info@dashfoundation.io with your name, address and transaction id. If we receive a donation with a value over 5,000 USD, at the moment of the donation, and we don’t receive the data from the donor by email in the next 48h, we will proceed to send back the excess to the address from which we have received the funds.

To donate please send:

DASH to: 7gnwGHt17heGpG9Crfeh4KGpYNFugPhJdh

BTC to: 381vDhb5Cy4qntwmDeGk6GPbetCMU5YDpR

Both addresses are multisignature addresses. Some exchanges and online wallets do not recognize multisignature addresses as valid. If you encounter any problem sending funds to them, please send to another address you own and donate from that address.