Firstly, we want to thank everyone for the amazing response to the launch of the Foundation. We are all thrilled that you want to be part of this journey. In a few days we’ll post some data on how we are doing, but you can check by yourself through the public addresses.

We already have the forum for Foundation’s discussions ready at Darkcointalk. We have made two subforums, one for ‘Internal Operations’ threads and another one for ‘Actions and Projects’. If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to talk.

Our initial idea was that members were the only ones allowed to post, but everybody would be able to read. However, this would make it difficult for those who are not members yet to interact with the Foundation, like we want them to do so we are able to lure them in. We discussed everything with Propulsion, the owner of Darkcointalk, and we came to a great solution. Members of the Foundation will have a ribbon in their profile identifying them and the Foundation forum will be open to everyone. We get the best of all scenarios: we can hear eveyone, but members are clearly distinguishable and everybody can know about their support of Darkcoin.

You can see the ribbon in my profile at the first post at the forum. In order to get your ribbon you need to request it manually. Please go to your personal details (hover over your username on the top right of the screen when in and in the left menu, under ‘Settings’, you’ll have an option called ‘Join User Groups’. Inside you’ll find the groups available and one of them is ‘Darkcoin Foundation Member’. Click ‘Join User Group’ and we’ll receive your request. We have to approve manually, so please give us some time to do so. We have decided to do it this way instead of just including everyone in the group because this was not explained before and maybe someone prefers to keep his/her membership unknown.

Big thanks to Propulsion for setting this up and to all you for being part of the Foundation.