Dear members,

It has already been a year since we opened the Foundation to all you.

We started the project when we were still Darkcoin. Soon we changed that to Dash and that brought what has been the biggest challenge for the Foundation: securing the rights to use the name.

Besides that we have represented Dash in a few instances where a legal entity was needed and we have served as advisor to the dev team.

We would like to share some details with you in our First Annual Members Meeting. We will hold it online on January 30th. All members can raise any question and even put things to a vote. We want it to be an opportunity for discussion about the future of the Foundation and how we can help Dash, so please attend the meeting if you are able to.

All lifetime members and annual members with a valid membership at the date of the meeting can take part. We will send another communication with further details about the logistics in a few days.

In the meantime, we wish you an amazing new year!

The Board Members

Evan, Chris, Edward, Harold and Fernando