One of the many changes that the update to Darkcoin Core (v0.11) has brought (check full details here) is new multisig public addresses. They now start with ‘7’ instead of ‘3’. This is particularly useful for us and our members because it allows us to distinguish better between Darkcoin and Bitcoin multisig addresses.

Our DRK multisig new public address is now 7gnwGHt17heGpG9Crfeh4KGpYNFugPhJdh, but all other things remain the same as this is still the same multisig address we had before, only with a different representation. You can still check everything in the Funds page.

UPDATE: Everything working fine at our payment processor now, the problem below is no longer happening.

However, this change is still not fully applied by the payment processor we are using (CoinPayments), and their system doesn’t recognize that address as valid. They are working on it, but in the meanwhile the new DRK that we receive will be kept in their wallet until they can pay out to the multisig. This means that, if you pay for a membership now, you won’t be able to follow your funds to the multisig almost immediately, as you would usually be able, because the last movement won’t happen until CoinPayments have solved this. We’ll update this post as soon as everything is working again.