First Annual Members Meeting

Dear members,

It has already been a year since we opened the Foundation to all you.

We started the project when we were still Darkcoin. Soon we changed that to Dash and that brought what has been the biggest challenge for the Foundation: securing the rights to use the name.

Besides that we have represented Dash in a few instances where a legal entity was needed and we have served as advisor to the dev team.

We would like to share some details with you in our First Annual Members Meeting. We will hold it online on January 30th. All members can raise any question and even put things to a vote. We want it to be an opportunity for discussion about the future of the Foundation and how we can help Dash, so please attend the meeting if you are able to.

All lifetime members and annual members with a valid membership at the date of the meeting can take part. We will send another communication with further details about the logistics in a few days.

In the meantime, we wish you an amazing new year!

The Board Members

Evan, Chris, Edward, Harold and Fernando

Vote on the Logo Is Open

Over the last few days we’ve held a contest for coming up with ideas for our new Dash logo. We’re already narrowed the finalists and now we would like the community to pick our new logo! We have a couple of days to ask the artists to do different variations on the designs, so feel free to ask something specific and we’ll see what we can do.

The vote will close on Sunday 22th, at midnight Phoenix time.

Instructions to vote for your favorite Dash logo

1. Go to

2. In the foundation’s website, Click ‘My Account‘ and introduce your username or email and password (if you don’t remember you can reset it)

3. Once you are logged in, click on a new page you will see on the top menu called ‘Vote Logo’

4. Cast your vote. You can select your two preferred logos or just one, but in that case that one won’t count double

Those who are not members of the foundation, but are part of the team, or have more than 300 messages at darkcointalk, please email, and we will create an account for you so you can vote.

Those who don’t fall into the previous categories but want to vote, please join the foundation! It is only 10 DRK for an annual membership.

Rebranding to Dash

Darkcoin is changing its name/branding to Dash – Digital Cash. The new name will start being used officially and in external services from March 25th onwards.

Darkcoin’s vision has always been to create a trustless, decentralised, private and fast payment platform for the benefit of the majority. We are happy with the progress we are making towards reaching this goal. We’ve been able to release instant transaction confirmations, refine our privacy technology and develop our Masternode network into a strong and truly decentralised platform. We’re building a complete solution and working hard to make crypto more suitable for real world adoption. This is why we believe our new brand Dash will better represent all aspects of our platform and make it more accessible to end users.

We are only changing the name, no technology is affected by this. The coin, the blockchain and the people will be the same. Users don’t need to act on this, the next update of the wallet will have the new brand and it will be a standard update.

A new logo design has been commissioned and it will be made available after the Darkcoin Foundation members vote. Exchanges, payment processors and other services have been notified so they can prepare in advance.

Our ideals remain intact and we will continue to pursue them under any branding we have, now and in the future.

Change to DRK Multisig Address

One of the many changes that the update to Darkcoin Core (v0.11) has brought (check full details here) is new multisig public addresses. They now start with ‘7’ instead of ‘3’. This is particularly useful for us and our members because it allows us to distinguish better between Darkcoin and Bitcoin multisig addresses.

Our DRK multisig new public address is now 7gnwGHt17heGpG9Crfeh4KGpYNFugPhJdh, but all other things remain the same as this is still the same multisig address we had before, only with a different representation. You can still check everything in the Funds page.

UPDATE: Everything working fine at our payment processor now, the problem below is no longer happening.

However, this change is still not fully applied by the payment processor we are using (CoinPayments), and their system doesn’t recognize that address as valid. They are working on it, but in the meanwhile the new DRK that we receive will be kept in their wallet until they can pay out to the multisig. This means that, if you pay for a membership now, you won’t be able to follow your funds to the multisig almost immediately, as you would usually be able, because the last movement won’t happen until CoinPayments have solved this. We’ll update this post as soon as everything is working again.

The Foundation’s Forum at is Live

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for the amazing response to the launch of the Foundation. We are all thrilled that you want to be part of this journey. In a few days we’ll post some data on how we are doing, but you can check by yourself through the public addresses.

We already have the forum for Foundation’s discussions ready at Darkcointalk. We have made two subforums, one for ‘Internal Operations’ threads and another one for ‘Actions and Projects’. If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to talk.

Our initial idea was that members were the only ones allowed to post, but everybody would be able to read. However, this would make it difficult for those who are not members yet to interact with the Foundation, like we want them to do so we are able to lure them in. We discussed everything with Propulsion, the owner of Darkcointalk, and we came to a great solution. Members of the Foundation will have a ribbon in their profile identifying them and the Foundation forum will be open to everyone. We get the best of all scenarios: we can hear eveyone, but members are clearly distinguishable and everybody can know about their support of Darkcoin.

You can see the ribbon in my profile at the first post at the forum. In order to get your ribbon you need to request it manually. Please go to your personal details (hover over your username on the top right of the screen when in and in the left menu, under ‘Settings’, you’ll have an option called ‘Join User Groups’. Inside you’ll find the groups available and one of them is ‘Darkcoin Foundation Member’. Click ‘Join User Group’ and we’ll receive your request. We have to approve manually, so please give us some time to do so. We have decided to do it this way instead of just including everyone in the group because this was not explained before and maybe someone prefers to keep his/her membership unknown.

Big thanks to Propulsion for setting this up and to all you for being part of the Foundation.

The Darkcoin Foundation Is Open For Business

We are thrilled to begin admitting members to the Darkcoin Foundation today. We are asking for your money in the form of both dues and donations, so an explanation is in order.

The Foundation

The Foundation is an Arizona nonprofit corporation and future 501(c)(6) organization (hopefully–we are in the process of applying for recognition of exemption). Its purpose is to promote, protect and standardize Darkcoin. The Foundation doesn’t own the Darkcoin project–the community does. The Foundation is here to help. We believe that organizing fundraising efforts will be beneficial, but everyone is free to continue contributing in whatever manner is most convenient.

We have broken down the broad mission of promoting, protecting and standardizing Darkcoin into more specific objectives:

  1. Support the development of the Darkcoin protocol. We must ensure that the development team has the resources it needs to maintain Darkcoin’s status as the most innovative cryptocurrency in the world.
  2. Empower the community. Many members of the community already perform valuable tasks. Our goal is to assist them in as many ways as possible.
  3. Educate the public. We will engage in educational and promotional activities in an effort to bring Darkcoin to a much wider audience.
  4. Represent. The Foundation can speak for Darkcoin when and where such representation is appropriate.

There are two types of members: individual and industry. Individual members can choose to pay dues annually or become lifetime members.  Both people and entities can become industry members. Neither class of members receives any perks, really, other than the right to vote for board directors (this may change when Darkcoin is on its way toward world domination). For now, it’s best to think of membership as an act of support.

We feel membership should be within the reach of as many people as possible, so one can join for as little as 10 DRK. This doesn’t mean that we can’t use additional funds–if you are able and willing, please consider donating more. If you aren’t interested in becoming a member but would like to donate, that is completely OK, too.

We want to be very open with the community, so please, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. It’s your foundation. Propulsion has agreed to create a subforum on for Foundation-specific discussions. This forum will be open to the public, but only members will be able to post.

The Internals

The Foundation is governed by its bylaws and a conflict of interest policy. These documents are available on our site for anyone that is interested. The board of directors holds meetings periodically, and is in regular contact when they are not meeting.

Foundation funds will be stored in multisignature wallets and all Foundation addresses will be public. Darkcoins will not be anonymized, so everyone will be able to see how they are being spent.  Bitcoins will not be anonymized either … not that this is even possible!

Yours truly,

The Darkcoin Foundation Board of Directors