Support Development

Dash is an open source project and, as such, anybody can contribute and make changes. The Foundation supports the core team of developers so they can keep advancing the vision of Dash and maintaining the code secure. This is done by providing some infrastructure and tools, as well as paying to some developers so they can dedicate their time to Dash.

Empower the Community

The Foundation stablishes procedures and suport tools to help the Dash Community achieve the goals and projects they start. This is done in a transparent way and upon request of the members of the Community.

Educate and Promote

The Foundation aims to educate the public and promote the virtues of Dash and how it is an important tool for the defense of privacy. This is done by creating content and interacting with journalists and influencers so the message can spread to the widest possible audience.

Represent Dash

The Foundation defends the interests of the Dash Community and Developers in those places where an organized voice is needed and they can’t be present directly, or a legal entity is required.