The Dash Foundation has strict policies to ensure the security and good use of the funds. We aim to achieve the maximum transparency possible, so the members and donors know that the funds are used for the intended purpose.

Multisignature addresses

Multisignature addresses, or multisigs, require more than one signature to operate. All funds arrive to the foundation through multisignature addresses, both in DASH and in BTC. Those addresses have three keys and two of them are required to make transactions. The keys are hold by Harold Boo (Treasurer), Evan Duffield (Chairman) and Fernando Gutierrez (Vicechairman). You can check both addresses whenever you want:

DASH address: 7gnwGHt17heGpG9Crfeh4KGpYNFugPhJdh (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

BTC address: 381vDhb5Cy4qntwmDeGk6GPbetCMU5YDpR (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

Please consider that payments from fees go through our payments processor and take a while to arrive to the multisignature addresses. Nonetheless, with your transaction id you will able to follow the funds to the destination address using any blockchain explorer.

Small payments

In order to be able to be more agile, the three signatories of the multisig addresses each hold a regular address, in DRK and BTC, to make small payments of up to $200. Those addresses will only be funded from the multisignature addresses and can be checked here also:

DASH address managed by Harold Boo: Xp1RVZsD2jiq4uAqzjq7Ys1Nk6q35hGSDk (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

DASH address managed by Evan Duffield: XtC5HB1kHkxqi4c5GRrnjJobVZW5UK2aCc (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

DASH address managed by Fernando Gutierrez: XgsN1zxCYDp8gCma3gkteGHGfECF4iNy7n (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

BTC address managed by Harold Boo: 1Fu84KtB5g5Gu4UrQzL2iJNpuN2bi1raDU (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

BTC address managed by Evan Duffield: 1GPQrYJN5yEez8oyfRD7jnN2qEGaZhmCBn (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

BTC address managed by Fernando Gutierrez: 1L7gaiKgk5QUBUfpbG5Hajv3dkiBbg1k56 (explorer 1) (explorer 2)

Payments approval

In the next few weeks the Dash Foundation will finish and publish its policy for payments approval. In the meantime, all payments will have to be approved by the board of directors.